Blackburn Primary School’s Kitchen Garden Program


The Patch Program is a kitchen garden program with a difference. We include all students in the program from Foundation to Grade 6. Our aim is to bring integrated studies to life by engaging students in various kinds of investigations both in the natural environment and in the classroom. Students learn to plant, care for, harvest fruit and vegetables and prepare, cook and eat food from their own garden. We are fortunate to have a large sustainable garden accessed by the entire school. Students have built the garden themselves using recyclable materials.

Students enjoy:
  • - caring for chickens and guinea pigs;
  • - learning about indigenous cultures through growing and eating bush tucker foods;
  • - practising recycling through caring for worm farms and composting food scraps;
  • - bringing history into the present through cooking and gardening experiences; and
  • - applying literacy and numeracy skills in gardening projects and scientific explorations.

We have our very own kitchen/garden teacher that collaborates with classroom teachers to create lessons that link to the curriculum and allow students to experience hands on learning in a natural setting.