Blackburn Primary School Choir

Involvement in the Grade 3-6 School Choir is a non-cost, extra curricular activity. Rehearsals take place one lunchtime a week in the Old Hall from 1:30pm to 2:10pm (this includes lunch eating time). Students are able to bring their lunches (and smiles!) and get ready to have some fun!

The 2014 Choir comprised of 35 very enthusiastic students. The Choir performed at numerous events throughout the year, both in and outside school hours. These included School Assemblies, Open Night for Education Week, BPS Evening of Music and the OXFAM School’s Music Festival.

Students are welcome to come along to a few Choir rehearsals at the beginning of the year to see what Choir is all about. There is absolutely no pressure to join during the trial period.

In order to fully develop a sense of belonging, the Choir requires a commitment from each member. Those enrolling need to look upon this membership as a serious commitment and earnestly endeavour to attend all practices and performances.

Benefits of being in the Choir

The rewards of being in the School Choir are plentiful.

developing goal skills and musical awareness

learning new songs to sing

enjoying the activity of performing

gaining confidence and responsibility

fostering connections with students from other year levels