PE-BlackburnPSPhysical Education in 2015

The Physical Education and Sporting program here at Blackburn Primary School aims to encourage every child to be actively involved and educated through fun, engaging movement experiences that encourage involvement as an individual, in small groups and team play. Physical Education is unique to the curriculum at Blackburn Primary School as it is the only program that focuses on students developing their fundamental motor skills, tactical games sense thinking, fitness and an understanding about the importance of fair play and lifelong physical activity.

Physical Education across the Curriculum

In the early years, Foundation to Garde 2, students will be involved in weekly 1 hour learning and developing their Fundamental Motor Skills (e.g. running, throwing, catching, dodging ball, ball bouncing, kicking, strike,ing, forehand hitting) in both skill development sessions and application to modified games. Students will also be involved in basic movement activities involving dance and gymnastics.

At levels 3 & 4 (Grades 3-6) students are refining their Fundamental Motor Skills and working from a Game Sense teaching approach, which involves greater focus on tactics and strategy in games and sport.Students work over a two year cycle minor and games units, including Gymnastics, Jump Rope for Heart, Evasion Games, Net/Wall Games and Striking/Fielding Games. Students at Levels 3&4 also have the opportunity to be actively involved in District Competitions, such as House and Inter School Activities, Elite Sports trials, Tennis, Swimming, Cross Country and Summer & Winter Sports.

BPS Sports Committee – It’s all about “TEAM”!

We believe in a team focus here at Blackburn Primary School! We have a terrific group of parents who meet every term to discuss upcoming events, plan and share together about how to provide valuable learning experiences for our students. Our parents also help out with special event days, like House Sports, Olympic/Commonwealth Day, Jump Rope for Heart, presenting ribbons and being part of a sports shed tidy team to help keep equipment in order. Anyone is welcome to visit or come along to our meetings and join our team.

If you have any questions regarding the physical education and sporting programs at Blackburn Primary School, please do not hesitate to come and see me or email me on

Merissa Pickford
Physical Education & Sports Coordinator