Mathematics at Blackburn Primary SchoolMaths-Blackburn

Blackburn Primary School follows the Australian Curriculum which aims to ensure students:

  • are confident, creative users and communicators of mathematics, able to investigate, represent and interpret situations in their personal and future work lives and as active citizens.
  • develop and increasingly sophisticated understanding of mathematical concepts and fluency with processes, and are able to pose and solve problems and reason in Numbers, Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, Statistics & Probability.
  • recognise connections between the areas of mathematics and other disciplines and appreciate mathematics as an accessible and enjoyable discipline to study.

Building a Strong Foundation in the Early Years

at Blackburn Primary School we use a range of assessment tools to plan for teaching including the Early Years Numeracy Interview. This comprehensive questionnaire is administered in a one-on-one situation to every student from Foundation to Year 2 and repeated each year. It enables teachers to identify the skills and knowledge of each child and plan for them accordingly.

Skilled and Knowledgable Teachers

Staff at Blackburn Primary School are continually engaged in a range of professional learning to ensure they are delivering a high quality curriculum. Blackburn Primary School is also a member of Mathematical Association of Victoria which ensures staff are up to date with the latest research and mathematics initiatives.

Mathematics Resources

Manipulative allow students to connect mathematical ideas to physical objects thus leading to a deeper understanding. At Blackburn Primary School, every classroom is extremely well resourced with high quality equipment which students use regularly to support their learning.

Technology plays a large role in our Mathematics curriculum, iPods, laptops and interactive whiteboards are used regularly as tools to support mathematics learning. Each child has access to the Mathletics program, a fun educational website that they can use both at home and at school to support their development.

Having Fun with Mathematics

Blackburn Primary School holds an annual Family Maths Night which allows families the opportunity to enjoy Mathematics together in a fun and relaxed environment.

We also hold an annual Maths Footy Day where students are encouraged to dress in their favourite team’s colours and participate in lots of footy related mathematics activities.