Welcome to Art Class in 2016/17

We are looking forward to another busy year of terrific creativity in the art room. During the year you will be able to see plenty of the children’s beautiful artwork displayed around the school. I am always so impressed with the originality and individual skills and styles of our young artists at Blackburn Primary School.

In Art we explore the elements of art: line, shape, colour, texture, tone and pattern through drawing, painting, printing, collage, modelling, construction, and textiles.

The themes we work with in Art often make links with the integrated units in the classrooms, sometimes they are whole school Art themes.

Every activity aims to develop your children’s individual, creative and artistic skills while developing an understanding of knowledge of materials and techniques. Throughout the year we will be referring to a range of styles and artworks from ancient to modern times.

As the children continue to develop their skills in Chinese Mandarin so too, in Art, we focus on developing our knowledge of Chinese artworks incorporating elements of Chinese techniques and styles in Art, e.g. Horse Painting in the Year of the Horse. The children will learn new creative art and design skills from Chinese Art and many cultures around the world.

A few housekeeping matters:

Smocks: Art is messy! It helps if all children have a good quality long-sleeved art smock to protect their school clothing. Paint can come through if the fabric of the smock is too thin. Children will be encouraged to participate in lots of art activities which are often pretty messy but lots of fun. Most of the paints and inks used do not stain but every now and again a blue or purple paint may stain. (‘Sards’ sticks or ‘Vanish’ and soak in cold water usually help remove these.)

Thank you…….. to all the parents and especially Foundation students Mum’s and Dad’s, (and Grannies) who have supplied a wonderful selection of smocks. Each class is a rainbow of lovely colours and designs. It is great to see most children in all classes have now brought along a smock.

 Art materials: It’s great when you bring us wonderful things to make art with. Unfortunately, the art room has limited storage space. Keep an eye out for notes in the newsletter when we are looking for specific items for our art units and activities.

I look forward to sharing your children’s creative journey this year in Art.

Mrs Liz Dixon – Art Coordinator.