Blackburn P.S. School Council

the Blackburn Primary School Council plays a key role in our school. Participating as a school council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. The school council supports the principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.

(see Victorian Education Department’s webpage for more information on the role of a School Council).

The School Council meets on at least 8 occasions in a School Year. Meetings are held at Blackburn Primary School at 7:15pm and are usually 1.5hours in duration. When special circumstances dictate, extraordinary meetings are called and advertised.

Visitors are welcome at School Council Meetings and are invited to make arrangements through the School Principal Andrew Cock to visit a meeting if so desired.

In 2019, the elected School Council comprises of 9 parents and 5 staff members. They are:

Cindy K (3H,5D)
Shirlee C (1B)
Chrisanthy C (1B)
Melissa G
Ben S
Kerrie B (1M,3C,6E)
Nick A (00H,3H)
Andrea N (00H,3H)
Maria H (2D,5B)

Andrew Cock (Principal)
Marianne Fusillo (Acting Assistant Principal)
Kaye Fraser (Classroom Teacher)
Fiona Arthur  (Classroom Teacher)
Terena Harrison (Classroom Teacher)

Should parents have questions or concerns we welcome contact with School Councillors. Our parent councillors are often in the school and encourage you to introduce yourself, or Email contact can be made to the Council via the President at