Why Choose Blackburn Primary School?

The little school house established in 1889 as Blackburn’s first school is a landmark in the local community which it has served for over 125 years. The school has a tradition of excellence and today more than ever remains imbued with a strong sense of community. The School Council, teaching staff and parents work in partnership to provide programs and a learning environment which prepares students for success in the new millennium.

Recent extensive development of our buildings has provided excellent classroom facilities with state-of-the-art networked computer work stations and a large resource centre. Located in central Blackburn the school is well serviced by public transport and easily accessed by the large car park entrance from Surrey Rd. Before and After School Care programs operate daily providing quality low cost child care outside school hours.

The grounds are spacious and well equipped with play stations, a sports oval, netball and tennis courts and an amphitheatre for performing arts and assemblies. Our students have a tradition of sporting excellence and our facilities enable them to participate to the fullest extent in athletics and competition sports programs.

Our School ValuesVision

  • Responsibility
  • Co-operation
  • Celebrate Diversity
  • Manners and Respect
  • Fairness and Honesty
  • Friendship

Students and staff worked hard to define our school values and really understand and articulate what they mean for us here at Blackburn Primary School. I would be very confident that our students could explain to you what the values are and what they mean. We have linked a personal rewards program – Credits – to the school values as well as our school House Competition. These two programs mean that students are immediately recognised and rewarded for simply being great citizens of our school. They can contribute to the success of our House Teams through a range of activities and events, including but also other than, sport.

The Foundation Year

Beginning school can be a daunting experience. Children need an extended “settling in” period. When the school year begins the students are gradually introduced to the physical size and population of the school. They are supported with:

  • a relaxed entry to the classroom.
  • a restricted Foundation only play area directly supervised by a teacher.
  • a Foundation playground with climbing equipment and a sandpit.
  • senior school buddies to nurture, mentor and help the young students.
  • scheduled toilet and eating breaks.
  • a four day week throughout February.
  • name badges that identify them to all staff and students.
  • daily individual dismissal to parents.

We also offer:

  • an exciting and stimulating learning program that is both innovative and caters to individual needs
  • dedicated Literacy & Numeracy blocks (minimum of 4 sessions of each Reading, Writing & Mathematics
  • Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) which is a gross and fine motor development program aimed at developing skills for Literacy and learning.
  • specialist lessons for all children in Music, PE, Visual Arts and Mandarin.
  • Digital displays in all classrooms F-6, a well-stocked library and opportunities for Foundation students to use digital media to record, create, play and learn.
  • leadership opportunities for all children F-6 in many areas.
  • a wide range of extra curricula activities held on school grounds, including Hobby club, Chess club, Choir, an acclaimed bands program, private instrumental lessons, tennis lessons, interschool and afterschool sport and Taekwondo.
  • support programs such as ESL support, Literacy Support, EMU (maths support) program, Reading Recovery.
  • regular opportunities for students to participate in staged performances, both as a level and grade.
  • regular opportunities for lessons about sustainability and science in our school garden – ‘The Patch’. The garden program is equipped with student sized garden tools and garden gloves.