Pirates of the Curry Bean - Night 1


It’s Tuesday the 19th of June.  I’m waiting at the side of the stage, my heart in my mouth.  ‘Pot of Gold’ has been sung and now I can hear Estelle and Xanthe saying their lines.  My mind desperately races over all the rehearsals we’ve had since the start of term, but I’m not sure it will be enough.


We’ve been non-stop practicing our showcase, ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’ for what feels like forever.  The backstage crew has been working flat-out to make the props and we’ve been hurriedly putting together costumes.  We’ve been doing so much work, it feels like we haven’t had Maths for weeks!

We’ve learnt so much in such a short space of time.  Our confidence has been boosted to the maximum and all our hopes have been leading up to tonight.  Some of us, myself among them, have special roaming microphones!  They feel weird and we have to be very careful with them, but it’s definitely worth it.  The only problem is, we can’t say a word backstage or the audience will hear us.

I hear Tyler speaking and I know it’s my cue to go on…

The showcase flies past impossibly fast.  Lines are spoken with amazing conviction and all the lame ‘dad jokes’ are laughed at.  Seeing my family in the audience is so exciting and when I see my cousins smiling at me, I know I won’t forget my lines.  The comedy duo, Scuttle and Slack, are hilarious and every time there is a rumble of laughter and appreciation from the audience, we all feel like punching the air!

Then, terror strikes.  It is Scene 8 and the treasure map is missing.  It’s due to be used in about thirty seconds.  Ashlee, one of the backstage crew, is panicking and so am I.  What are we going to do?  Cole has to use the treasure map any second now.  What happens if he can’t find it?  Will he just pretend it’s there?

About a minute later, Cole, Anna, Jada and Tilda run offstage, chased by the monkeys.  It’s my turn to go on and I can only hope that the treasure map has been there all along.  As I walk on stage, pretending to cry, I sneak a glance at the stage floor.  The map is there!  Thank goodness!

At the end, we perform ‘Piractical Style’ for the second time.  We’re all so happy and excited that we’ve actually managed to put on this awesome showcase and we’ve all done so well!  When the song is finished, we all sit down while Mrs Henderson congratulates us and tells the parents about how much we’ve practiced for tonight.  Then Mrs Pollnitz gets us to perform the second version of ‘Lumbago’.  It’s great fun and we are so happy that the showcase has gone so well.

A big thank you to Mrs Gordon, Mrs Pollnitz, Mr Tait, Mrs Patterson, Ms Fabris and Ms Andrianopolous!  Without you, there would never have been a showcase!

By Amelia

Pirates of the Curry Bean

On the 19th of June Level 4 put on a wonderful performance of Pirates of the Curry Bean. For the last six weeks we have been working extremely hard on the acting, singing and dancing    aspects for the show but we have also learnt public speaking, team work  and confidence on stage. But it wasn’t just  the students working hard. Our amazing Level 4 teachers have been making costumes, being directors, learning scripts, helping students, choreographing dances and always being cheerful and enthusiastic.   So thankyou Sarah Pollnitz, Linda Gordon, Melody Pattison, Aaron Tait,  Michelle Fabris   and Kelly Andrianopolous,  your work didn’t go unnoticed. Also a special mention to the sneaky backstage working like ninjas, your work was very efficient, well done.

Even though there were a few mishaps the show ran very smoothly and the audience didn’t mind! We might have got quite sick of the script and songs but it all paid off when you saw the final production. Well done to all Level 4 students for this amazing effort! Even though the kids didn’t get most of the jokes I hope the audience did! So well done for everyone’s efforts. The show was spectacular!

By Cecily Braide-Fermvall



Night 2

Behind the scenes at the One Community Church hall, electricity was buzzing. Quiet chatter filled the air as the back stage crew [all in black] quickly put on the props and background on the stage. The main characters were taken into the quiet room as the mikes were always turned on. The overture sounded and Dead Eye began to speak. Shortly after the overture, music followed and various characters entered the stage and stood in their lines ready for the first song. The music started and the choreographed movement began. With smiling faces all around the song ended and the characters exit.

Behind the wall I can hear Jackie and Liza Periwinkle saying their lines perfectly. My hands are shaking as I listen for my cue. There is no sound back stage apart for a few nervous whispers and giggles, which are soon silenced by Mrs Pattison. I am shaking as I step out onto the stage to speak my lines. As soon as I say the first word all the nerves wash out of me and I relax and enjoy myself.

After the first few scenes everybody was ready for action. When I have a scene that I am not in I think about how well we have done in rehearsals and that now we could only do better! All the teachers had such enthusiastic attitudes that we were all happy about our performances. I could hear some laughing from the audience and smiles ready for the last scene. It’s gone so fast! As we walked on for the final scene, it flew by quickly and before I knew it there were cheers from  the audience and we sat down.

Mr Dyer made a quick speech and we sang one last song. The crowd cheered and we all clapped for the teachers who had made it all possible! Thankyou so much for helping us!!